Vava Ribeiro Launches Book ‘NORTH SHORE’

Congratulations on the long awaited publication of Vava Ribeiro’s book, ‘The North Shore,’ shot over the last three decades. 
Edited by Nick Waplington, design by Johnny Lu Studio, text by Jamie Brisick, and published by Jesus Blue.  

The New York book signing is on Tuesday, Dec. 10th at Dashwood Books, 6-8pm. 
The Los Angeles book signing will be held on Saturday, Dec 14th at Little Big Man Gallery, 6-9pm. 

Available for global online purchase at 

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Dan Smith for Stylist Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue

December 3 2019

Recent work by Dan Smith for Stylist Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue, guest edited by Hillary & Chelsea Clinton. Featuring Taylah Kereama, Yang Xiaoyang, and Iman Bournier. Styled by Michelle Duguid, hair by Ken O’Rourke, and makeup by Alex Babsky.
Produced by Christie Phedon.

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Alistair Taylor-Young for Brunello Cucinelli Winter 2019

Alistair Taylor-Young continues his collaboration with Brunello Cucinelli for the Winter 2019 campaign, shot on location in Zermatt, Switzerland. Featuring Lina Zhang, Cate Underwood, Alain Gossuin, and Paolo Roldon. Styled by Michela Buratti, makeup by Fabiana Clavario, and hair by Wener Amort. Casting by To The Moon Studio.

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Catherine Servel for Dazed Korea

December 2 2019

Catherine Servel’s new story “Smile,” for Dazed Korea. 
Styled by Kim Yeyoung, hair by Tetsuya Yamakata and makeup Park Seonghee. Featuring talent: Annabelle, Cormac, Daniel, Frankie,
Lola, Mika, Nathalie, Nicole, and Polina. 

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Ryan Pfluger for Out Magazine’s Out 100.

November 25 2019

Ryan Pfluger shot two covers for Out Magazine’s Out 100 issue, featuring Jeremy O. Harris and Ronan Farrow. Styled by Yashua Simmons.
Jeremy: Hair by Susy and grooming by Yuui Vision.
Ronan: Grooming by Matthew Tuozzoli

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Guen Fiore for Rivista Baccalà

November 21 2019

Guen Fiore’s recent story, “So Good At Being In Trouble,” for the new issue of Rivista Baccalà.
Featuring Sophie & Lucy, styling by Aurora Zaltieri, hair by Martina Russow, and makeup by Machiko Yano.

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