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Clayton Cotterell is a Pacific Northwest native, based between Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. After college he moved to New York City where he received his MFA in Photography, Video & Related Media from School of Visual Arts in 2008. Clayton's artistic journey is marked by an intense fascination with the authentic and subtle obscurities that exist within the world. Possessing an exceptional versatility, Clayton expertly captures portraits, still life, landscapes, and lifestyle shots, effortlessly transitioning between genres. Viewed as a voyeur of the world, Clayton's works encapsulate rich narratives, documenting the wonders and nuances he observes. Clayton Cotterell's unique approach to photography and directing culminates in a body of work that is emotionally evocative. His innate passion for observing and documenting the world around him fuels his ability to capture profound moments that reveal the beauty in everyday life.

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Canada Goose
Harley Davidson
Rolling Stone
The New York Times Magazine
Travel Oregon
Wall Street Journal