Jake Chessum for IBM and P-TECH

July 13 2015

Jake Chessum shot P-Tech‘s first graduates Cletus, Kiambu, Michelle, Gabriel and Radcliffe for IBM (Rahat not pictured).  P-Tech’s program awards highschool students associates degrees in technology by the time they graduate highschool. Each of the students photographed here is either going on to college or to work for IBM. More information here.

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Michael Kenna’s New Book “Forms of Japan”

July 7 2015

Michael Kenna’s newest book, “Forms of Japan”, will be released October 1, 2015.  This book is a collection of 240 of Kenna’s black and white photographs taken over a 30 year period of traveling to Japan. Yvonne Meyer-Lohr designed the layout and paired Kenna’s photographs with classic haikus.

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Jake Chessum’s photo of Amy Winehouse used for cover of Billboard Magazine

July 6 2015

Jake Chessum’s 2004 photograph of Amy Winehouse was used for the cover of the July 4, 2015 issue of Billboard Magazine. The interior article discusses a new documentary about her life titled Amy that was released July 3, 2015.

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Brian Finke’s “Hip-Hop Honeys” Featured on NYmag’s “The Cut”

June 23 2015

New York Magazine’s “The Cut” recently profiled Florinda “Flo” Estrada – one of many “Hip-Hop Honeys” Brian Finke has photographed over the last three years.  A link to the article which includes a slideshow of Brian’s “Hip-Hop Honeys” work can be found here.

Vava Ribeiro for Hobo Magazine

May 27 2015

Vava Ribeiro shoots a beautiful fashion feature for Hobo magazine, juxtaposing the wreckage of Rockway after Hurricane Sandy with exquisite images of Charlotte Carey. Styled by Amanda Merten, with introduction by Jamie Brisick.

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