Stefano Azario shoots Armani Junior Fall Campaign

July 31 2014

Stefano Azario’s Armani Junior Fall Campaign is out now!

Tim Barber shoots Nike Skateboarders: Fit To Move

July 29 2014

Tim Barber recently shot Fernando Bramsmark, Alex Olson, Luan Olivera, Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley in New York City for Nike Skateboarding: Fit to Move.  Out now!

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Brian Finke in Photo District News

June 13 2014

“Why Editorial Works”, an article about photographer Brian Finke which features some of his delicious BBQ images is in the current June issue of Photo District News.

Jake Chessum shoots Alan Cumming for cover of Backstage Magazine

June 9 2014

Alan Cumming, who stars as the Emcee in the current Broadway revival of “Cabaret” was recently shot by Jake Chessum for cover of the May 29th issue of Backstage Magazine.  A link to the article can be found here.

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Brian Finke featured on National Geographic’s PROOF

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend barbecuing, writer Becky Harlan profiles Brian Finke’s “Grill-Grams” an article (about meat) currently being featured on National Geographic’s PROOF page.  Check out the full piece and images here.