Jody Rogac for Hair Test

May 21 2019

Jody Rogac photographed Jocelyne Beaudoin and Annika Dalland for the newly launched Hair Test Magazine by Edward Lampley.
Styled by Eugenie Dalland, hair and makeup by Allie Smith.

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Jody Rogac for Flamingo Beauty

Jody Rogac shot Flamingo’s recent self-care campaign on location in New York. Featuring Gina Sophia, Jacky O’Shaughnessy, Katy Syme and Melonee Rembert.
Grooming by Yumi Kaizuka, styling by DeVante Rollins. Special thanks to Roxana Zegan.

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Ryan Pfluger for Todd Snyder x Champion Pride

May 16 2019

Ryan Pfluger shot and is also featured in the Todd Snyder x Champion Pride collection.
Creative direction by Phillip Gutman, styled by Ryan Young, hair by Brent Lavett, and makeup by Maria Seccia.

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Christopher Griffith’s ‘In Memoriam’ Debut

May 10 2019

Four artworks of Christopher Griffith’s series ‘IN MEMORIAM’ will debut tomorrow night at the Venice Biennale.
IN MEMORIAM is a study into funeral wreath offerings about the dark side of the human condition. The group show ‘Personal Structures’ runs tomorrow night through November 24, 2019 at:
European Cultural Center
Palazzo Bembo,
Venice Biennale

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