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Giles Revell (b. 1965) is a London based conceptual art photographer working internationally on print, motion, and integrated campaigns. As a master of many mediums, both physical and digital, Giles walks the line between craft and aesthetic goals, creating sculptural images with a strong graphic narrative. Born in Hertfordshire, England, Giles initially studied to become a biologist and geologist. This scientific training and methodology remain evident in his approach to current photographic projects and throughout his work. His prolific self-motivated and experimental personal work, in both photography and the latest digital technologies, is based on a continuing exploration and genuine fascination with our environment. By focusing on data recording processes and methods for observing his subject matter, Giles is able to create naturally graphic, visually arresting and conceptual images. While keeping a scientific element present, his images also take on a sculptural and strong graphic quality. In 2000, Giles received a Pioneer Award from NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Ails). This sponsorship enabled him to complete his study of every day insects using an electron microscope at the Natural History Museum on London. ‘Insect Tectonics’ a series of twelve large scale prints, revealing their intricate armor in graphic detail. Each print is composited of hundreds of images taken with the microscope, revealing an immense amount of detail. One of the prints was included in the ‘Seeing Things’ exhibition of still life photography at the Cannon Photography Gallery, and is now part of the permanent collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Having spent much of 2009 learning 3D software and its applications, in recent years Giles has applied this learning to his projects. Leveraging these 3D sculptural works, in 2011 Giles partnered again with the Natural History Museum of London, creating a series of CT Scans capturing the internal structure of common medicinal plants for Telegraph Magazine. Renowned for his attention to detail and ability strip away the unnecessary, he reveals the elements of an idea, allowing it to become clear. His specialty is working backwards from a concept to help define the best means to accomplish creative goals. Much of this collaborative commercial work has come from ongoing personal exploration projects. Giles’s non-commercial artwork is represented internationally by Michael Hoppen Gallery in London.